montepulciano centro storico


A non-competitive walk.

The program

Sunday 6 October 2019

Start: Montepulciano, Tempio di San Biagio

Finish: Montepulciano, Piazza Grande

A route suitable for everyone, the start of the Montepulciano can be reached in the middle of Viale delle Rimembranze with a view facing the "Church of San Biagio or Tempio di San Biagio". 300 meters then continue along Via dei Canneti, Via M.Mencatelli, cross area, via Bernabei direction Licei, you will cross the provincial road and continue on the road to the left that goes down and along the stadium, arrived at the restaurant, we continue to 300 meters approximately until the intersection of Via "Di Martiena" turn shortly after a left on the road that runs alongside the "Frantoio di Montepulciano". After walking a few meters keeping to the right, take the road that leads behind the "Vigili del Fuoco di Montepulciano" "Piazzale del Sterro, where they will follow the space along the fence that runs along the popular houses until you reach the Via "Delle Lettere", where the competitors are on the left, will be in front of the underpass that should not be taken immediately as soon as you climb up the steps on the right side of the underpass until you reach the first floor of the same. underpass and always along the steps you will find the exit inside the "Garden of Poggiofanti". (We are now around the last kilometer to go through the streets of the historic center of Montepulciano). exit and then take Via dei San Gallo with direction to the "Porta di Bacco", enter the door and go along Via "Gracciano nel Corso" for about 500 meters, here the departure of the "Bravio", take to the right Via "Dell'erbe" and after 30 meters you turn left into Via "Del Poggiolo" until the end and then you turn left into Via "Ricci" at the end of which 'is the arrival place in the beautiful "Piazza Grande".


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