La Quarantadue - Ecomarathon

montepulciano panorama

Runnin race

Race program

Sunday 1 October 2023

Departure: Montepulciano, church of San Biagio.

Check-in Montepulciano Centro Storico, Piazza Grande.

The start of the competitive races of 42, 25 and 14 kilometers, is located in the middle of the Viale delle Rimembranze with a view facing towards the "Church of San Biagio or Tempio di San Biagio". The competitors at the start will walk slightly down the paved stretch of Viale della Rimembranza for about 300 meters then continue on Via di Canneto for another 500 meters. At this point they turn left to begin a downhill stretch of dirt road on Via delle Colombelle, which crosses a 360-degree landscape over Agriturismi (Palazzo dei Diavoli - San Gallo - Le Colombelline), Casolari, olive groves and vineyards, up to reach the third and a half kilometer race. Here the athletes will turn to the right and after having crossed a small stream, and enter the territory of the Municipality of Torrita di Siena, they will find themselves in front of them an uphill stretch on a fairly steep private road for 1.5 km between the vineyards, farmhouses and also skirting a wood. At the end of the climb they will reach the 5th km where they will find the first of the refreshment points. Having left the unpaved section, they will resume running again on the asphalt of the "Strada dei Colli" road for 2 km, a fairly steep descent returning to the Municipality of Montepulciano on a dirt road up to km leaving the Colli road for the Via di "Casa Rossa" for another kilometer and a little more until you reach the intersection with the asphalt of the "Strada Provinciale 135 or Via di Torrita" which you will cross. They will turn left and after about two hundred meters turn right into the asphalt road towards Gracciano di Montepulciano via Marche. They continue for another 1500 meters on the asphalt before reaching the dirt road on the right before the Fassati winery and where the dirt road begins through the vineyards, returning to the middle route along an artificial lake to reach the back of the "Cantina Fassati", where turn right again and continue on the dirt road until they rejoin the asphalt of the "provincial road 326". Here they turn left and walk for about 50 meters, then turn right again and enter the vineyards of Azienda Agricola Nottola ”. Once inside the company they are around 15 km and find the third refreshment point. They resume the race crossing the "Strada Provinciale 326" to get back into the vineyards that line the Nottola Hospital until they reach Via "Ciarliana"; we are around the 17th Km and a half. Here they turn left and take the dirt road slightly downhill, along the Agriturismo "Il Conventino" and then the "Tenuta Valdipiatta" on the Via "Di Bossona" to travel up to about 18.7 km. Then turn left again to enter along the vineyards and take Via di Bossona until the intersection with the asphalt of Via “Di Sanguineto”. Leaving the dirt road continue in the direction of Montepulciano and after covering about 350 meters they will find the 4th refreshment point. Here they turn left into Via "Delle Badelle" with the direction of the "Madonna della Quercia" Church, which they will reach after descending 650 meters and entering the dirt road crossing the pod. Carbonaia up to the pod. Vicroce, at the crossroads they will turn to the right and follow the dirt road in the middle of the vineyards where at 25 km, after a small climb they will turn to the right and enter the dirt road via Fontellera at 26 ° km they will find a refreshment, after about 800 meters from the refreshments will enter the Metinella and the company Agricultural Croce di Febo to then reach the stretch of asphalt road of via Fontellera that after about 400 meters will leave to turn left and into dei Pioppi, passing in front of the sports field of S. Albino, then turn right into via dei Mulini where they will find another refreshment. After a slight climb they will cross via dei Pini to walk along via dei Lillà for about 300 meters, after which they will come to the crossing of the provincial road SP 146 for Chiancianoed and will enter via degli Olivi for 500 meters which they will leave for a path in the wood that skirts the Capuchins for about 2 km, at the end of the path they will proceed along the dirt road via dei Cappuccini passing in front of the village "Poggiardelli" where there will be a refreshment, after the refreshment they will turn to the right and about 700 meters will cross the Provincial Road 88 via della Montagna covering it for about 300 meters after which they will turn right into via di Pianoia which will be covered for about 3 km until you reach a 500 meter long climb where there is another refreshment point. 400 meters after the refreshment point they will turn to the left in via di Totona they will cover a small stretch of asphalt and they will enter in a path in the wood with crossing of a small stream and after a light slope they will turn to the left in via di S. Bartolomeo (stretch of road paved) where they will remain for about 500 meters, they will turn to the right to enter the vineyard of the Azienda Agraria Triacca to arrive inside the Triacca winery where they will find the last refreshment before arrival. Leaving the winery they will cross the SP 146 to Pienza (ANAS) to enter via dell'Aiuola which they will travel for about 1 km until they reach via di Pescaia and exit in via di Canneto crossing it to enter via Emilia Giorgi and continue uphill for 700 meters in Via di San Biagio, through Porta dei Grassi, Via Piana, Arco del Paolino, they will turn right into Via Ricci and arrive at the finish line in Piazza Grande.





From 11.30 a.m. shuttle service is available for showers and pasta party.