La Quattordici

montepulciano strada del vino

Running race

Race program

Sunday 1 October 2023

Departure: Montepulciano, church of San Biagio.

Check-in: Montepulciano Centro Storico, Piazza Grande.

The start of competitive races of 25 and 14 kilometers, is located in the middle of Viale delle Rimembranze with a view facing the "Church of San Biagio or Temple of San Biagio". The competitors walk slightly down the asphalted stretch of Viale delle Rimembranze for about 300 meters then continue on Via di Canneto for further 500 meters. At this point they leave the asphalt and Montepulciano behind to start a stretch of dirt road in a steep downhill "Via delle Colombelle", which crosses a 360 degree landscape on farmhouses (Palazzo dei Diavoli - San Gallo - Le Colombelline), Casolari, olive groves and vineyards, until you reach the third and a half kilometer of the race. Here the athletes will turn right and after having crossed a small stream, they will find in front of them a fairly steep uphill section for 1.5 km between the vineyards, farmhouses and also along a wood. At the end of the climb they will reach the 5th km where they will find the first of the refreshments. Having left the dirt road, the same will resume running again on the asphalt of the Via "Strada dei Colli" for about 2 km in decent descent to then continue again on the dirt road up to 7.5 km. Here the races are divided, as the 25 km continues while the participants of the 14 km, will have to turn right on "Via delle Pietrose", dirt road steep enough uphill between the vineyards of the Winery Tanagatta and the Azienda Agricola Icario , to be covered up to about 9 km, to then continue on the asphalt up to 10 km. Cross the Provincial Road 17 where in the immediate vicinity of the local distributor find the second refreshment. From here resume the asphalt of Via "Delle Fosse Ardeatine" for about 800 meters and then take the dirt road in a steep descent that is reunited with "Via Nibbiano". Continuing on the dirt road shortly after turn left into Via "Delle Cetine". As you go along it becomes increasingly steep up to the intersection with Via "Di San Martino". You will cross the Provincial road and continue on the road to the left that goes down and along the stadium, arrived at the 3rd restaurant, continue for about 300 meters until the intersection of Via "Di Martiena". Here, both races, after having covered the long one about 23.5 km and the short 12.5 km, are connected and all together they will continue on Via "di Martiena" to turn shortly after left on the road that runs alongside the " Frantoio di Montepulciano ". After walking a few meters keeping to the right, take the road that leads behind the "Fire Brigade of Montepulciano" Piazzale dello Sterro, where they will follow the space along the fence that runs along the popular houses until you reach the intersection of Via " Some letters". Here the competitors looking to the left will find themselves in front of the underpass that should not be taken immediately as they will first have to climb the steps that are on the right side of the underpass until you reach the first floor of the same. Then enter the underpass and always following the steps you will find the exit directly inside the "Giardino di Poggiofanti". (We are now around the last kilometer to travel through the streets of the historic center of Montepulciano). Keeping to the left they will cross it until the exit gate and then take Via "Dei San Gallo" with direction to the "Porta di Bacco". Enter the door and go along Via "Gracciano nel Corso" for about 500 meters, here the departure of theBravio", take Via "Dell'erbe" to and you will follow the path of the Bravio up to Porta del Paolino where you turn left into Via "Ricci" at the end of which there is the arrival in the beautiful "Piazza Grande".

Race Course


From 11.30 a.m. shuttle service is available for showers and pasta party.